Local events

Montréal is renowned for it’s regular classical and singing events.

The whole season:
Festvals of the Middle Ages
Flea Markets
Classic Concerts

Famous flower market at Fourcés (6kms)( one of only 7 villages in the round in France)
  May: Festival streetbands in Condom (15 km);
Car-racing in Nogaro (30 km);
  June: Bullfights in Vic Fezensac (28 km).
  July: Festival Brassbands in Montéal du Gers
Festival Gallo- Romain in Eauze
Festival Tempo Latino in Vic Fezensac (27 km)
Festival of Contry Music in Mirande (60 km)
  August: Jazz in Marciac for a fortnight which is not to be missed if you are a jazz fan. There are numerous festivals and experiences during this month.
  November: Flamme de l’Armagnac in Montréal. Try the local Armagnacs... FREE!